Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Spring Brings

Daffodils in my yard, March 2017

The air just feels different as spring approaches. Nature awakens as daffodils bloom, cherry trees burst with soft pink blossoms, and tiny, indigo-colored crocuses first push up from the warming earth.

Crocuses in my yard, March 2017

Birds begin their cheery chorus earlier in the mornings. I awake too with an eagerness to bask in the rays of sun coming through my screened porch. My craving for warm and cozy winter stews and comfort foods is replaced by a desire for green, leafy vegetables freshly picked from our early spring garden. 

Lettuce, broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, and kale are ready to be planted.  Lenten roses will add color to the garden .

I begin to get our outdoor spaces ready for simple suppers on the porch and leisurely weekend afternoons relaxing and reading on the glider. 

I spent some time last spring sewing pillows for our outdoor areas. It feels more like spring just getting these garden themed pillows out of winter storage and placing them on our glider.

Inside my house, I bring out quilts and table runners in cheery spring colors, and I bring in cut flowers from the yard to arrange loosely in simple vases. 

Daffodils from my yard arranged in a milk bottle on a blue, green, and yellow quilted table runner

With longer days and warmer temperatures, I even find my energy level increasing as I dream of upcoming hikes in beautiful, natural areas. 

Boston Public Gardens

I begin to plan spring sewing and quilting projects, trading muted, darker colors of cottons and flannels for the lighter, fresher hues of spring. 

So, welcome spring! I have anticipated your arrival with a glad heart!

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